Monday, August 15, 2011

Anime Review No. 2-Wild Cardz

Well, my first review, I admit, is a bit of a mess. It was my first review, so I didn’t quite know what I was doing. I kinda rambled on at times, but I felt that I did get my point across. I’ll strive to improve these reviews as I go along.

A rather nice, though standard looking, dvd cover
Now, let’s move onto the title for review this week, Wild Cardz. Oh, boy, what an….odd title, and that’s putting it lightly. This OVA, which came out in 1997, was done by Studio OX, Movic and BMG Japan. This isn’t too surprising as most OVAs from the 90s were done as collaborative projects by various companies. Sometimes one company didn’t have enough money to make one, so they had to get help (I guess-this is pure conjecture). Funny thing is that Wild Cardz is not the only title for this. The alternative title for this is Jaja Uma Quartet, which to be honest, I prefer Wild Cardz (though the fact that poor literacy is apparently cool in the eyes of US Manga Corps lolz). This OVA is based off of a manga series, released 1995-97, as most good things in anime are. Though, is it that good?

Wild Cardz was licensed and distributed by US Manga Corps, the same company which brought us MD Geist (one of the worst anime I’ve ever seen IMHO), Vampire Wars, Psychic Wars, etc. (i.e. purveyors of cheaply made anime titles). Of course, Wild Cardz isn’t as bad, though it isn’t that good either.

Now, the story of Wild Cardz was somewhat straightforward. It involves the exploits of the Crown Knights as they seek to protect the Card Kingdom. Yes, this anime has a rather odd game pieces and poker cards theme to it. Anyway, this quartet of teenage girls includes Joe Diamond (the “Flash” of the group), Casa Clover (the psychic), Coco Heartful (‘Psycho Magic’/trickster) and finally Sunday Spade (the poker faced leader, with the trump card in the end). So, essentially, it has a shoujo-oriented cast.

Of course, the OVA itself is more geared to Shonen action-oriented style show. It basically amounts to a “Base Under Attack” story, where an outside force attempts to invade and the protagonists must defend the base from destruction. Of course, in this instance, we have a quartet of poker card themed heroines defending their base from attack by FLOATING CHESS PIECE MECHA, wait what?