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Anime Review No. 15-Burn Up! (1991 OVA)

Hi, this is the Eclectic Dude and I review it for the lolz.
Well, this week's review is over Burn Up!, an 40 minutes OVA (direct-to-video) done by AIC and directed by Yasunori Ide. It was released by ADV Films back in 2005, though Sentai Filmworks released it again in 2009. It can be classified, like most anime, in multiple genres, which for this OVA, falls under sci-fi (battle suits), comedy (abundant throughout), and police action (permeates the short film).

The basic premise is centered around 3 policewomen (Maki, Yuka, Reimi) and one adventure involving a case dealing with a white slavery ring. This criminal enterprise is led by Samuel McCoy, the obvious bad guy for this short film. The trio decide to investigate one of his night clubs (which totally screams late 80s, let me tell u lol). However, Yuka (the pink haired girl) gets captured, though that's due to her being somewhat of an idiot and her comrades Reimi and Maki totally fail at trying to rescue her before she is taken away to McCoy's compound. Of course, the cops are so incompetent that they won't do squat to save Yuka, so Reimi and Mika decide to take action themselves and storm McCoy's compund to get Yuka. They succeeded (with some eventual help from the cops) in saving Yuka and some other captives. McCoy gets captured and sent to jail. "And that's that", as Mika says as the final line of this OVA.

So, here are the positives. First, it is very length appropriate. Much like Plastic Little, which I reviewed earlier, Burn Up tells it story and that's all. Second, the English voice acting. It is decent overall. It has a sort of fun punch, with a few memorable one-liners. It's an early ADV Films cast, with good performances from Amanda Winn and Tiffany Grant makes the dub passable.

Now, some minor quips (not negatives). First, the animation is dated. Granted, it still looks good. Though, to be fair, the whole OVA looks dated. It feels like a late 80s/early 90s action flick, at times (music, plot, characters, etc.). Nevertheless, it is consistent in these elements so it is not so much of a bother to me.

Final Score is 7/10. Slight above average scifi action piece, with the only real problem being its dated production. Nonetheless, it must have popular enough to warrant sequels. Yes, sequels, not just one. A few years later, in 1996, Burn Up W came out. Next week's review will cover what I consider to be one of best OVAs of that era.

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