Sunday, June 10, 2012

Anime Review 34-"Rizelmine"

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Today’s subject is on another manga one-shot I’ve owned for quite some years. I figured I give it a look once more. The manga in question is Rizelmine, written by Yukiru Sugisaki (best known for DNA Angel, The Candidate for Goddess and Lagoon Engine manga). The single volume of manga was released in Japan back in 2002, and got to the States back in 2005, which is probably when I got it.

The basic gist of this one-shot has to do with the relationship between the two main characters, Iwaki Tomonori and Rizel. Tomonori is the leading man, a 15 year old high school student who despite having a thing for older ladies, he leads a very bland and average life. That is, until, he comes home to find that Japanese government has forced him into marriage with a Rizel, a 12 year old girl with special powers. Complete with full govt. assistance as well! Still, that fact they are the main couple is a bit disconcerting, since the only thing they could is hug, snuggle or hold hands. Geez, this looks to be a lukewarm romance.

And that what it is, 6 chapters of the two dealing with love rivals, enemy girls with super powers, and dating (for two characters in their early-mid teens). Granted, it’s told at least competently. But it just ends after about 130 pages. The only chapter I actually liked was the fifth chapter, with Tomonori trying and failing on going on a date with Rizel. Even when it’s revealed Rizel is some sort of ancient and mysterious technological ‘national treasure’ I was like ‘meh too late to impress me because it’s the last chapter’. Still, it just has an ending, like as if it was intended to be just six chapters long.

On the plus side, the drawing and panels are nicely done. It is just a shame it’s used for such short a venture as this. On a side note, it was popular to warrant an anime adaptation way back in 2002.Good luck finding it, as it is fairly obscure and never got a US release. What a bummer. Good as reading material on a rainy day, to be sure.

Short manga equals short review, because I don’t have anything else to say about it. Hope next time will be better, with Virgin Fleet. Here I come! 

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