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10 Favorite Anime Theme Songs

10 Personal Favorite Anime Theme Songs

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One of the things I like in anime are the opening songs. They are an excellent precursor to watching the actual series, giving you a glimpse into what the show is about. Or, at least, that what the good ones do anyway. So, here is my list for the 10 Personal Favorite Anime Theme Songs. 

El Hazard the Magnificent World
As stated in my review of this OVA, this opening song rocks. I love the mix of instrumental and synthesizer music to make something really grand. Watching this, I feel pumped up to watch El Hazard. It also complements this with pretty good looking visuals of the characters and some of the locales.  

GA Art Design Class
This is another OP that fits with the show it goes with. It's quick, preppy, energetic, bright and chipper. Kudos for use of fiddle/violin and kazoo, as strange orchestration goes.  

I Dream of Mimi
All I can say about this-it's the best earworm song for an anime I've heard.  

Magical Witch Punie-chan
This OVA is insane, as is its Opening Song. Seeing Punie-chan dancing while random places burn is both bewildering and amusing at the same time. It also show how jarring this show is-essentially a superviolent magical girls show. 

Tenamonya Voyagers
I love this song and this OVA quite a lot. It reminds me of a marching band by Sousa from back in the days, set to odd anime imagery. The characters spinning around in laundromats is a nice touch. 

Ah My Goddess Season 1 OP
"Open your mind...", indeed. This has to be the most beautiful opening song for an anime I've seen. Its got a nice blend of vocals with light music (flute, strings and guitar) to make a quite lovely song.  

Magic Knight Rayearth OP (both seasons) 
Both Opening songs for this magnificent series goes on my list for one reason-its probably one of the few OPs that are as good in English as in Japanese. Sandy Fox has quite a nice singing voice, and comes to close to duplicating the sound of the singer for the original Japanese. This too has quite beautiful visuals as well. 

Sakura Wars TV Series
It's quick, fast, full of energy and gets you pumped up to watch it! It's bombastic and grips you right in!

FLCL (ending song)
Fooly Cooly doesn't have an opening song, but they make up for it with the ending song, which is awesome. Be the excellent music by the Pillows, or the nonsensical lyrics (no seriously look them up xD), this song totally rules.   

Now, the final entry goes to.... 
Gunsmith Cats, which is my next anime review. I will leave you with the OP-soak it in and see you in 2 weeks!Gunsmith Cats OP

See ya! ^_^

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Overlord-G said...

Excellent choices for best songs. Rayearth's 1st OP is legendary.
Sakura Wars' and Ah! My Goddess' OP are also glorious.