Thursday, December 12, 2013

Preview for 2014

Well well,

Yeah I am taking a break from the blog for the year 2013. I might be doing something for Animation Revelation, maybe or maybe not.

Not to worry, I shall be back for 2014, which is when Phase IV for this blog begins. For those not in the know, my blog has had 3 phases of development.

Phase 1 (August-December 2011): where I was just starting out, reviews were a bit rough.
Phase 2 (January-July 2012): noticeable improvements, a step in the right direction
Phase 3 (August 2012-December 2013): Switching to 2-3 reviews a month was a good move in my opinion, arguably contains some of my favorite reviews.

The next and fourth phase (January-May 2014) will contain more variety. Not just covering anime series, but also some anime movies and manga. It will be kicked off the first weekend of the new year (Jan 4-5th) with the completion of my Anime Favorites page. Also, that weekend I will post my first tip on my Anime/Manga Collecting 101 page. That page will be one tip and write up per month for the whole year of 2014.

Then its back to the reviews on January 11-12th. I won't say what it is over, but I will say that its Anime vs. Manga, which I will look at the anime and manga versions of the show and doing some compare/contrast.


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