Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Special Announcement

Hello there fellow readers

Well I figure that I would make an announcement about this. Well around the start of the year, I parted ways with Animation Revelation after being involved there for a year and a half, due to creative differences between me and one of the writers there. I won't go into details but what this person did in response to a comment I made and current things they have said.....well I don't want to talk about it further and to be perfectly honest I'm over it anyway.

Fortunately, around that time, fellow aniblogger and Caribbean pen pal of yours truly Ramo Zemog, of YuriNation and OG's Anime Island, came to me with a proposal, to be a co-writer for his blogs. At first I thought 'ehhh....' but after thinking about it, I was like 'ok sign me up sir'. Of course, I had to make an account with WordPress, as that is what Ramo's blogs are built on.

So that lead to me to a decision-to move over my blogging to WordPress. For one thing it looks nicer and most anime reviewers seem to use it or custom sites.

So on May 3rd I will posting up the link for the new Wordpress site on the social media along with an introduction post on the new site. This site will remain as an archive of sorts. I will be following up on my reviews for the month then on my May 3rd post on the new site.

See you all there, dear readers!

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