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Anime Review No. 18, "Moretsu Pirates" Episode 1/First Impressions

Hi, I'm the Eclectic Dude and I review it for the lolz.

Anyway, this week's review is over a recent anime title that has come out in Japan. It is a tale of adventure, action, etc. in space with dangers and perils unseen by many. It is called Bodacious Space Pirates!!!!
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Mariko, the cute pirate lolz
Bodacious Space Pirates, or Moretsu Pirates, is a recent entry into the space opera genre, populated mostly by Macross, Gundam and a few others. The director is Tatsuo Sato, well known for being the director of Nadesico back in the 1990s. Satelight is the studio behind this, and more or less a company that has been under the radar of sorts for the past few years. The anime is based off of a novel series called Miniskirt Pirates. Now, is it as awesome as its name suggests? Let's found out.

The first episode opens with exposition with lots of rather well done visual backgrounds. The setting for this story is in the far off future, where space travel is the norm and humans live on various planets throughout the galaxy. I like this, as it allows for quick info-dump without bogging down the introductory episode too much.

Then the opening song comes up, and it is AWESOME. It is full of energy, with nice guitar rock and orchestral blend. The 'god-chorus' part is also well done. Everything looks clean and crisp. So far, so good.

We then introduced to our main heroine, Mariko Kato, as she is being monitored by two mysterious people. These are a woman with blue lips and a nice looking guy. A couple thing we learn about Mariko in this first part of the episode are:
-High School Girl
-Works at a maid cafe called the "Lamp House"
-Member of the Space Yacht club (showing she got some skill at piloting)
-Generally nice and likeable
-Lives just with her mother, Ririka

After a long day of school and work, she comes and finds out two rather suspicious people (same ones following her earlier) have come to her house and are chatting with her mom, like old friends. Well, it turns out, the two are old friends of Mariko's father, Gonzaemon Kato. For a twist, he was actually a captain of space pirate ship the Bentenmaru. Unfortunately, her father died two day prior due to food poisonings (dang -what a bummer!).

Now, there's a law in this show's world where only the descendant of a captain can inherit a space pirate ship. At first, Mariko is a bit shocked at this and a bit troubled at potentially being a pirate (criminal record notwithstanding). But, the woman with blue lips assures her that the Bentenmaru has a letter of marque which  basically means they are more space mercenaries then actual pirates. Effectively, most piracy in space is legal. She mulls over it during the night.

The next day in homeroom, Mariko meets with her classmate Mami, who also works at the maid cafe. They chit-chatted, until its announced that a replacement teacher is coming. Turns out, it is the nice guy Mariko met the other night (his name is Kane McDougal) and he comes across as a really nice genteel man. The woman with blue lips is also at the school, as a nurse. Also, her class gets a transfer student, Kurihara Chiaki ( a mysterious dark-haired meganekko) who gives Mariko a serious glance as she goes to her seat.

Later, after school, Mariko heads off to the "Lamp House" for work. However, as shoe is getting started on work, groups of guys in suits (vaguely looking like mobsters) come into the maid cafe. Chiaki-san shows up as well, and it reveals she has a thing for chocolate parfaits (lolz). Then, an assassin comes in and tries to kill Mariko. But, Chiaki-san pulls out a gun (OMG that was unexpected) and saves Mariko.
That's pretty much the first episode. The ending song is a bit more subdued then the opening song, which works well. The preview is well done, pulling the audience into checking out the new episode.

Final Words: All in all, this is a great start for this series. Granted, there is lots of potential here to be explored. The concept/story is interesting, sort of like a 'Pirates in the Caribbean' but in space. The voice acting, animation, and opening/ending songs are rather well done. Heck, even Sentai Filmworks has come out and said that they got the license for this show already. I might buy it if it comes over to the States.
So, this gets a RECOMMEND TO WATCH from me. Sometimes in July, once its finished airing, I'll give a whole series overview.

Next week is Maze the Megaburst Space OVA. Laterz ^_^

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