Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Eclectic Dude’s Anime Reviews, Phase II and my Philosophy on Anime

Well, Happy New Year ^_^

Phase II of my series of Anime reviews begins. Phase I, while good, needs some improvement. I started out this with one aim-to highlight the anime series/OVA/Movie I own or have seen and tell people what I like about them, even also pointing out what the  flaws are (big and small) . Granted, most of my reviews are on the short side, but only due to the length of the stuff I reviewed. 
Now, with the New Year at hand, I am deciding on several changes to my anime reviews. First off, there will be no more numerical ratings, since my reviews are more informal in nature then most. I will just put either a recommendation towards watching it or not watching it (pass it up). Secondly, I will try and shake thing up a bit. By that I mean, I will review just not anime OVAs (which was the primary focus of Phase I). I will also look at movies and other long series (13-26 episodes long). Of course, in the case of longer series, I may spend a few weeks of review posts talking about them. One review of a long series wouldn’t suffice for me personally. I will do reviews of some of the manga (Japanese comics) I own. Third, I will look at some current series (ones that are online via Crunchyroll or similar site).  This way I am not just looking at shows from the past, but also from the here and now. Finally, I will do themes for each month of reviews (unless it’s a month of reviewing one long series).
So, being January, I am doing 3 reviews this month. Here they are:

January 14-15: Moretsu Pirates Episode 1 Review/First Impressions (2012)

January 21-22: Maze the Megaburst Space OVA (1996 OVA)

January 28-29: Read or Die (2001 OVA)

                The theme centered upon these 3 reviews is “Odd Notion of Genre”. I’ll explain in further detail next weekend in my “Moretsu Pirates” Episode 1 review. Also, I’ll be watching Moretsu Pirates during its run on Crunchyroll. A review on the whole series will be out sometime in July. Another series I will watch will be the 8 episode series “Black Rock Shooter”, with a review on that sometimes in April.  More details later.

Lastly, I want to give out my thoughts on what I look for in an anime. It has to do with what I call “exploration of the odd and strange”. What I have found during my years of watching anime is that I like the anime that are well oddballs or strange in terms of concept, premise, characters, setting, etc. In Phase I of my anime reviews, one can conjecture that a lot of anime I own are odd/strange in at least one aspect or another. With Phase II, I will point the oddities and strange aspects of the titles if applicable.

Well, see you next weekend with my review of Moretsu Pirates Episode 1/First Impressions.
Until then, enjoy this:
(from Crunchyroll)

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