Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March/April 2012 Announcement

Hey, this is the Eclectic Dude and I review it for the lolz.
Anyway, last month was fun, eh? Covering one series I adore (Oh my Goddess), then two more obscure titles, one which it is meh (Legend of the Last Labyrinth) and one that I can’t stop yearning for more (My Dear Marie). I think I put in quite an insight into the relationships and romance presented in these titles. I feel that I am getting into my stride as an anime reviewer at last, and I hope to continue this as it is quite some fun and wonderful way to pass the spare time.

So, the next two months will be a mix of various things. Yes, it’s back to doing random reviews. So, here are the dates when reviews get posted.

4th-AR No. 25: Genshiken, Episode 1/First Impressions (2004)
10th-AR No. 26: Kujibiki Unbalance, Part I (2007)
17th-K.U., Part II
24th-K.U., Part III

1st-AR No. 27: April Fools’ Day Special: Tenamonya Voyagers (1999)
7th-AR No. 28: Hanamaru Kindergarten Episode 1/First Impressions (2010)
14th-AR No. 29: Black Rock Shooter (2012)
21st-AR No. 30: S.S. Astro (2005 manga)
Break from April 22nd and May 5th due to well, finals and other things. More details to come….

Reason why Kujibiki Unbalance is being done in 3 weeks? Well, it was something I wanted to review last November but didn’t get around to doing that. So, I am spending much of March doing a review over it. Well, that and the series are on a 3 DVD disc set I own personally. Each part will cover 4 episodes each, with the last and third part also containing overall thoughts on the series as a whole.

So, yeah til next time ^_^

The Eclectic Dude 

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