Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Eclectic Dude's List of 5 Worst Anime Titles I've Seen

Hello to all ^_^

-sigh- We all have seen bad stuff. Anime is not exempted from this. I am one of those fans who are willing to admit that not all thing Anime is awesome and good. Sure, they are great anime series out there, but one should not assume that just because its Anime doesn't always equal greatness. In fact, hype for certain series (I am looking at you, Bleach and Naruto) is really unfounded.

Now then, I will now talk about 5 of the worst anime titles I've ever seen. I am doing this as I don't plan on doing any review for these titles. Don't ask, please.

1. Eiken. Ugh, this title is the worst thing I've ever seen. It is totally pointless, no story, no character development, or anything. Only slightly good aspect of this title is the animation, but I find it surprising it looked that good, despite the content. Also, it is very short (a hour long), but good Haruhi it is a long hour of absolute nothingness. The fact that this was made makes brain cells sizzle a bit. AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS.

2. Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan. Unlike Eiken, this title has a plot, a rather dumb plot. It is basically a parody of a magical girl show mixed with mature content that has no place/purpose in the show. Or, if it does, well shock value doesn't please me at all. Sad thing is that someone had the bright idea (/sarc) to not only license it for the States but also dub it, WTH?!

3. Spectral Force. Wow, talk about wasting my fecking time. This title is a perfect example of why a game company shouldn't do their own adaptation to their game. Sakura Wars and .hack/Sign this is not. It is a poorly-done piece of work. I might actually have to do a review as I own this title, lolz (ugh >~<). Sad, I know.

4. MD Geist. A terrible anime, with no redeeming qualities at all. Too much of a lot of things are presented here: Bloody violence for one thing. It also has bad writing and plot. Worse yet, this came over to the States by our good friends at US Manga Corps. They liked it so much that they use the main character as part of their logo. Goodness >.<

5. B Gata H Kei. A totally ridiculous premise, and that is saying something considering what I watch on a regular basis. A high school girl wants to be, well, not a virgin and so goes on a quest to accomplish. Yet, she fails miserably. What is the point in that again? Also, it shows that even today anime can still put out some turds.

So, there it is. Thankfully, most of the series I owned/will review aren't as bad as these titles. Like I said, I might get around to reviewing Spectral Force though, but probably not anytime soon.
As previously mentioned, my next anime review will come out on Sunday. Laterz ^^

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Overlord-G said...

Shockingly I did not think B Gata H Kei was that bad. It's dumb but not terrible.

The other four I agree though, especially Dokuro-chan.