Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hello again, this is the Ecelctic Dude.
Well, October marks my third month of doing this. Thus, I decided to do something special. I am going to do a themed month, roughly speaking. Thus, October will be
VIDEO GAME ADAPTATION MONTH. For the first 4 weekends of October, I'll be reviewing anime titles which are adaptations to video games. Here's the schedule for that.
Weekend of October 1-2: Tristia of the Deep Blue Sea (2004 OVA, 2 episodes)
Weekend of October 8-9: Galaxy Fraulein Yuna (1995 OAV, 2 episodes)
Weekend of October 15-16: Galaxy Fraulein Yuna Returns (1996 OVA, 3 episodes)
Weekend of October 22-23: Spectral Force (1999 OVA, 2 episodes)

Yes, I'll be getting to Spectral Force -sigh- Oh boy, can't wait for that /sarc.
But, some would observe that October has 5 weekends, so what I am reviewing the fifth weekend?
Well it's going to be a Halloween Special.
October 30-31: Master of Mosquiton (1996 OVA, 6 episodes)

Yes, it going to be a very good month (or maybe not so much?). 
Anyway, here's the teaser for Tristia of the Deep Blue Sea