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Video Game Adaptation Month Review I-Tristia of the Deep-Blue Sea (Anime Review no. 8)

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 To start off Video Game Adaptation Month, I am going over Tristia of the Deep-Blue Sea. It is a 2003 OVA of 2 episodes long. It is based off a PS2/PC simulation game of the same title. It was done by ufotable zippers, a studio whose only other production to date is Ninja Nonsense. For the United States, it was licensed and distributed by Pathfinder Pictures, which mostly does the license/distribution of  indie and cult films (this OVA is the only title they've released to the States).

So, what's it about? Well, it involves Nanoca Flanka, a young female mechanic who's good with gadgetry and technology. She lives in Tristia, a port city set in an early modern age (it's not clear in the OVA when this takes place) as a local mechanic. Then, she hears of a 'golem competition' from Stuka (her best friend and sidekick). Of course, also attending this event is Nene Hampden "rich girl" and self-proclaimed rival of Nanoca. So, she's off to fight with her golem (a mecha in actuality) in the event.

That's all I am mentioning about the plot, watch it for yourself to find out lol.
This OVA has a lot of things working for it. For one, the plot and story fit in nicely to the length, being 2 episodes=roughly a hour of content. It is paced very well, considering. The characters are well, as much developed as they can be. The animation is very standard.
Though, there are a few letdowns. First, it is in Japanese with english subtitles. This is surprising, As Pathfinder Pictures probably only had enough to get the OVA to America and nothing much beyond that. Which I don't mind, the JP VAs sound their parts well enough, so I don't have much to object to.

Final Score is 7/10. It is merely average, not great but not too bad. Points off due to length and the degree of obscurity (surprising, given this came out within the past decade). As a Video Game Adaptation, its is merely safe, serving as a decent introduction to the game. If I could find a copy of this game, I'd buy and play it in a heartbeat.

Well, the next 2 weeks I will be covering the Galaxy Fraulein Yuna OVAs. I am doing the 2 OVAs separately as they are 2 different stories. So, onwards.
Final Note-Teaser:

Enjoy, see u all laterz ^_^

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